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Executive Coaching

From the emerging leader in your succession management targeting to your existing veterans, our executive coaching programs link coaching participants' development directly to execution most needed for higher performance.

We work with executives all over the world and have learned the following:

3 Leadership Truths

  1. Research now shows that interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills are more critical to the overall success of a company or team than technical skills.
  2. There are deficits inherent in leadership itself, including minimal "how-to" training, insufficient performance measurement, and a lack of objective feedback. This "iceberg effect" often does not become apparent until it has created a serious negative impact.
  3. Participants who welcome feedback in their business coaching and are eager to make positive changes experience the most significant results in the fastest period of time. How this is presented to them, “court appointed” or “investment in their success” is a pivotal launching pad for success.
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