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Victory Consulting Coaching Model
Assessments for Alignment

Connecting intentions to perceptions is an integral to our approach sets a necessary baseline for expediting targeted development results. Our coaches employ a series of techniques and assessment tools that put a "science" to identifying core drivers and work to align them for personal and professional growth.

Sustainable Results & Strong Returns

In-depth feedback is necessary to create long-term change. Victory business coaches often accomplish this via involving co-workers, colleagues, supervisors, direct-reports, and/or clients in gathering perceptions and examples of habits and behaviors that work for and against performance. This approach creates accountability to those who share a vested interest in the leader's long-term development.

Accountability & Measurement

To elevate modest gains to significant breakthroughs, Victory business coaches hold participants accountable and measure their progress throughout and beyond the coaching experience. Victory increases clients' return on investment by measuring coaching participants at four critical points:

  • Pre-Program
  • Mid-Program
  • End of Program
  • 3 Month Post-Program
Coaching Timeline Options

Recommended program time is 6 months although in some cases 3 months may be sufficient if the scope of change is specific to two to three growth areas.

Retainer Coaching

Having an executive coach on retainer is a valuable option for organizations. Leadership development and awareness remains top-of-mind as feedback, goal-setting and skill development continue. Investment range is assessed on frequency of need and number of participants to be coached.

3 Leadership Truths
  1. Research now shows that interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills are more critical to the overall success of a company or team than technical skills.
  2. There are deficits inherent in leadership itself, including minimal "how-to" training, insufficient performance measurement, and a lack of objective feedback. This "iceberg effect" often does not become apparent until it has created a serious negative impact.
  3. Participants who welcome feedback in their business coaching and are eager to make positive changes experience the most significant results in the fastest period of time.
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