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Building Profitable Connections
Sales & Business Development
Focus: Winning and retaining business through trusting relationships

Walk-Away Benefits

  • Consistently communicate value so prospective and existing clients understand what's in it for them
  • Understand your distinction and uniqueness in the business of serving and helping
  • Practice relationship absolutes that immediately plant seeds for trust
  • Align your intent with how others perceive you so your talent is maximized

Speaker: Joe Takash

As president of Victory Consulting, Joe has helped clients secure more than two billion dollars in of business through sales presentation coaching. He speaks to industry leaders and has delivered more than three-thousand speaking programs since 1988. He is a sought-after media resource, having appeared in and on ABC News, Fox Business News and BusinessWeek.

This program can be tailored to any level of sales rep or sales management development.

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Every winning service behavior you are about to read, if you apply them with passion and consistency, will improve your business results quickly.