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Aligning for Greater Performance
Creating Next-Level Opportunities
Focus: Building the awareness, morale and confidence of teams and organizations

Walk-Away Benefits

  • Align your team/company values with winning behaviors that push performance to the next level
  • Learn why and how thriving organizations foster a culture of giving and getting honest feedback---and why you are likely not hearing the whole truth
  • Incorporate tangible actions relevant in your company---that attendees can implement and be measured against

Speaker: Joe Takash

Joe works regularly with executive teams and entire organizations from boutique firms to the Fortune 100 level. He has delivered more than three-thousand speaking programs since 1988. He is a sought-after media resource, having appeared in and on ABC News, Fox Business News and BusinessWeek.

This program can be tailored to meet the needs of sales meetings or all-company events.

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This may seem counterintuitive to task-driven managers who focus on the news headlines and the bottom number in their ledger.

Every winning service behavior you are about to read, if you apply them with passion and consistency, will improve your business results quickly.