Helping leaders and their companies execute strategic growth initiatives

Partnering & Event Facilitation
Victory Consulting facilitates partnering between teams, organizations or companies to create clarity and foster transparent communication. Targeting joint venture or complex projects between merging teams and companies to elevate to an optimal level of performance, our facilitators help streamline tangible outcomes.

Partnering Facilitation Primary Focus Areas

  • Top 5 partnership pitfalls (and how to avoid them)
  • Implement controllable behaviors that bring organizations to a new level
  • Foster a collaborative culture that encourages candor and trust
  • Align intentions with perceptions so understanding is enhanced, potential isaximized
  • Build on best practices & existing strengths

Other Events Facilitated by Victory Consulting

  • Sales Meetings
  • Executive retreats
  • Management conferences
  • Board of directors' meetings
Victory Consulting facilitators bring experience, candor and an engaging energy to help create tangible outcomes for your high-stakes events, including:

What are your meeting objectives and intended outcomes?

  • Begin with clear objectives & conclude with clear take-aways?
  • Seek an objective viewpoint and a fresh perspective?
  • Balance communication so meetings are balanced (and not dominated)?
  • Insure meeting agenda is on track and focused on outcomes
  • Keep emotions intact and behaviors respectful?
  • Foster a trusting atmosphere and transparent communication?
  • Help create stronger teams or partners through shared values?
  • Identify potential obstacles, which may go unaddressed?
  • Suggest next-step game plans for continual progress?

"We've partnered with leadership facilitators from Victory Consulting many times for our executive meetings. They bring an outside perspective with fresh insights and tools. They are also highly effective in getting our top managers to speak candidly about their own personal growth areas, which is integral to our strategic plan."

John Robak
Chief Operating Officer
Greeley and Hansen
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