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Shaping Future Leaders

A two-day program providing winning leadership behaviors before or as people arrive in leadership positions. Content focuses on tangible how-tos for building individual morale, creating a trusting atmosphere, giving and getting feedback, all resulting in higher performing teams. Progress measurement and accountability check-ins play a strategic part of invoking sustainable change.

Target Audience and Group Size

This program targets up and coming leaders or new managers and supervisors, (6 months to 2 years). Group size ranges from 15-20 people.

Participant Benefits

Walk away better able to:
  • Develop core leadership fundamentals that build strong teams
  • Understand tangible "how tos" for demonstrating professionalism and accountability
  • Apply behaviors that quickly build rapport with colleagues and clients
  • Set a positive tone with staff members by establishing mutual and realistic expectations
  • Identify different approaches that help negative conflict become productive confrontations

Accountability & Measurement

Check-points to elicit positive change include a pre-assessment for all participants, assignments between Days 1 and 2 to reinforce accountability and inspire continued progress after the training. These reinforcing approaches help boost sustainability and daily practice by more of your people.

Program Schedule

Shaping Future Leaders is a two-day course, running from 8am until 4pm, with up to 4 weeks between session days for application and practice time, and to help implement and build sustainable leadership habits.

Day 1: Leading Through Versatility: Self awareness, accountability and adaptability
Day 2: Results-Based Behaviors: Building trust, recognizing and motivating performance

Target Growth Areas

  • Self-Knowledge & Self-Management
  • Relationship Improvement Tools
  • Accountability and Assertiveness
  • Flexible-Leadership
  • Leadership Communication Tools
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