Client Results
"Victory Consulting's insight on presenting before clients was central in helping PCM attract Fortune 500 Companies and land several hundred million dollar projects. They helped me navigate the growth in building trust, winning and retaining client business. They produce a true ROI."
Dave Riley
Founding Principal
Project Controls and Management
"Years later, we still apply the key points made on how communication affects our ability to influence clients more effectively. This program was refreshing, interactive and extremely valuable."
Mary Lou Panzano
Director of Communications
"I was asked to be a lead presenter and represent our project team for a forty-five million dollar project. The awareness and skills I learned from Victory Consulting's coaching allowed me to make a very strong connection with the client. We were awarded that job and have had the chance to present to other clients with great success."
Michael Beirne
Project Executive
World Trade Center Project
Turner Construction
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Speaking and presenting to a group of people can be much easier than you think.

To sell your ideas, you need to think fast, radiate enthusiasm and site evidence to support your point.