Sales Meeting Facilitation

Victory Consulting provides a strategic combination of our outside perspective drawn from years of cross-industry experience with your inside expertise to assure your sales meetings take a step back to
assess---then allowing you to take several steps forward. From the consistent patterns and symptoms of where sales organizations fail and where they thrive, our approach to facilitating your sales meetings offers two options:

Option 1: Keynote message followed by Best Practices facilitation

Depending on your meeting objectives, we can provide an opening keynote presentation focusing on the message of your choosing---followed by a "Best Practices" facilitated session where audience members speak about and help each other in areas of strength and opportunity. These "Best Practices" are determined by your audience, your needs and your desired results. They have proven highly effective for creating accountability and gaining individual and group commitments toward sustained performance results far beyond the meeting.

Option 2: Facilitation for greater alignment

Victory Consulting can serve as the point guard by facilitating an open atmosphere where aligning the group to target strategic and/or organizational goals is the target focus. We bring experience, candor and an engaging energy to help you create tangible outcomes for your high-stakes events.

What are your primary sales meeting objectives?

  • Begin with clear objectives & conclude with clear take-aways?
  • Discuss sales goals, tactics, challenges and next-level needs?
  • Seek an objective viewpoint and an experienced perspective?
  • Balance communication so meetings are balanced (and not dominated)?
  • Insure meeting agenda is on track and focused on outcomes
  • Keep emotions intact and behaviors respectful?
  • Foster a trusting atmosphere and transparent communication?
  • Help create stronger sales teams through shared values and alignment?
  • Identify potential obstacles, which may go unaddressed?
  • Challenge your existing tactics and strategies?
  • Suggest next-step game plans for continual progress?

"Victory Consulting facilitated our national sales meeting which consisted of our top 22 sales managers--each responsible for specific performance objectives while targeting one organizational goal. The morning involved Victory's outside perspective of the components reflective great sales organizations. These insights made even our 30+ sales managers evaluate where they need to improve their effectiveness. The afternoon their facilitator did a superb job of getting us to talk to each other about core issues critical to our quickly changing industry. The response to Victory Consulting was extremely positive and we will certainly be partnering with them again for future sales meetings."

Tom Scotty
National Sales Manager
Bedford, Freeman and Worth

To find out how our sales meeting facilitation can help your organization, call 888-918-3999 or submit specific questions to

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