Executive Presentation Skills

Designed for professionals who depend on strong presentation skills to win client business and inspire team performance.

Target Audience

Senior managers and sales professionals whose business results depend on strong executive presentation skills in a public forum, as well as those seeking improvement as presentation trainers within their own organization.

Participant Benefits

  • Understand and utilize YOUR natural strengths
  • Identify your weak points and eliminate dangerous blind spots
  • Identify core content needs and objectives for each presentation and each audience
  • Deliver with consistency and creativity to keep your audiences captivated (and not wishing they were somewhere else)
  • Develop a benefits-focused presentation that the audience wants, (which may not be what you think they need)
  • Succinctly and persuasively convey you/your organization's "points of difference value"
  • Emanate a combination of a likeable presence with business confidence
  • Apply strong executive presentation skills while utilizing your natural strengths to continually expand your appeal
  • Apply the techniques that command an audience's attention right out of the gates

Typical Program Schedule

Executive Presentation Skills is a two-day course. Day 1: 8am-6 pm, Day 2: 8am-2 pm.

Day 1: Video Feedback From Peers and Instructors: Participants Participants deliver preprogram assignments and situational presentations, learn how to build comfort and manage anxiety.
Day 2: Applying Long-Term Presentation Habits: Establishing unconscious behaviors and approaches that build both confidence and effectiveness in adapting to any group, large or small. Utilize audio-visual aids effectively and other creative presentation enhancers.

Class size is limited to between 8-10 participants so each participant is able to apply practices, receive individual and group feedback, and build sustainable skills.

Accountability & Measurement

The presentation trainers of Victory Consulting provide a pre-program assignment for all participants to reinforce accountability and inspire continued progress after the training. This approach helps boost sustainability and daily practice by more of your participants.

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