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Build Performance Through Individual Meetings
Employee Assistance Report, February 2009
Individual meetings are a phenomenal opportunity. Make time for the one on one. The outcomes will include greater communication, confidence, loyalty, and inspired performance.

Networking success: Discover the tools you need to get to the top
Network Marketing Business Journal, February 2009
What many people don't realize is that business networking is a skill. As such, anyone can develop the ability to network regardless of his or her natural disposition. Once we think of networking as a skill, we realize that we can learn to network well. All it takes is practice, and a bit of planning.

Lawyers Advancing
Inside Counsel, February 2009
"In today's economy there are a lot of thins we can't control," Takash says, "The ability to provide breakthrough service is something we can."

Bounce Back
Career Builder, January 2009
As jobless rates rise and economists forecast more tough times, it's important to know how to bounce back from sudden unemployment. Whether picking up new skills, updating your resume or expanding your network, there are many critical steps that can boost your chances of a quick recovery.

Mastering Motivation
Legal Management, December 2008/January 2009
The need for legal administrators and other leaders to manage relationships with staff, attorneys, and even clients is greater then ever, but what specific actions are required? The following four steps, if implemented, can help tremendously.

Build Team Performance One Employee at a Time
Multifamilypro News & Views, November-December 2008
People are complex. If you've ever taken a personality assessment test, you know well we all have different propensities, values, drivers, and motivations. As managers, how can you get the most out of people in the workplace? What are ways you create cohesiveness and trust? How can you bring dynamic solutions to problem situations?

Motivation Needed Now More Than Ever: 4 Steps That Work
SunTimes, December 2008
This may seem counterintuitive to task-driven managers who focus on the news headlines and the bottom number in their ledger. Granted, the economy is shaky and companies in almost every industry are either feeling the tremors or getting hit head on by the financial power outage. Things have changed dramatically and in a short period of time leaving countless organizations thinking, "I have no control over this."

Seven Service Behaviors to Boost Your Bottom Line
Going Bonkers, Winter 2008
Every winning service behavior you are about to read, if you apply them with passion and consistency, will improve your business results quickly.

Connect with the Buyer
Independent Agent, September 2008
Making a connection with the buyer, the individual who can say "yes," isn't always easy, but the first question you should ask is, "Who are you asking for an ice cream bar from?" Aim low or aim high and, well, you know what you'll get.

7 Service Habits to Boost Your Bottom Line
Agency Sales Magazine, June 2008
It sounds academic, but start paying attention to how people greet you. Do they smile at you? Do they convey warmth and enthusiasm? Do they ask questions and show interest in you? ABC in sales means "Always Be Closing." Bunk! Try ABO: "Always Be Opening." This is what sets the tone for profitable relationships.

What's in a Name? Everything!: Five Rules to Help You Remember
Personal Excellence, May 2008
How are you at remembering people's names? Fantastic? Not so hot? Embarrassingly bad? If you are like most people you checked off either B or C.

What's in a Name? Everything!: Five Rules to Help You Remember
Window Fashions, April 2008
At a well-known Ivy League school, a new, prestigious science building was to be built on the north end of campus. The price: $260 million. Three major construction companies were neck and neck to win the job, make a large profit, and add this esteemed institution to their client list. The decision would come down to the sales presentation.

Soften Your Hard Edges to Speak Convincingly
Investor's Business Daily, March 17, 2008
To sell your ideas, you need to think fast, radiate enthusiasm and site evidence to support your point. You also need a healthy dose of self-awareness.

Seven Service Behaviors to Boost Your Bottom Line
Electrical Advocate Magazine, February 2008
Why is it that you can be wide awake, but when you see someone yawn, you yawn? Just writing "yawn" right now makes me want to yawn. You're probably yawning too, stop it. Human actions are contagious, so why not be positively contagious? This attracts coworkers and builds morale; it connects with clients and builds business.

Connect with the Buyer
Business Update Publication, February 2008
Think of all of the time you have put in and the energy you've exhausted on attempts to cajole client contacts who love to say "no" but can't really say "yes," it can be a frustrating, morale-beating process. It also happens to be bad for your business' bottom line.

7 Simple Steps Can Ease a Confrontation
Facilities Engineering Journal, October 2007
One of the biggest challenges in corporate America today is one that even senior executives and CEOs experience on regular basis: the lack of skills necessary for productive confrontation. Most employees don't know how to manage their boss and often work from a place of fear of resentment. Many managers will not confront administrative assistants who are short, and even rude, to clients.

Confront Your Way to Success
Auto Atlantic, November 2007
One of the biggest challenges in corporate North America today is one that even senior CEOs experience on a regular basis: the lack of skills necessary for productive confrontation.

Networking Success: Discover the tools you need to get to the top
Opportunity World, October 2004
Be honest. The last networking event you attended was probably about as exciting as watching paint peel. Striking up a conversation with a stranger is never easy, and as a result you probably heard plenty of ho-hum conversations that went nowhere. The problem is that many people often approach networking as a forced activity, during which we repress our natural personal effectiveness. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Speaking of Success
Small Business Opportunities, September 2004
Speaking and presenting to a group of people can be much easier than you think. A wise woman once said, "Act with confidence, and the audience will think that you are confident. When you see that they are confident in you, you will become more confident in yourself."

Have No Fear of Public Speaking
Transaction World Magazine, June 2004
According to studies of American adults, public speaking is the most common human fear more common then death. In other words, most folks would rather be the person lying in the coffin than the one delivering the eulogy. Something is definitely wrong here!

The Four Sins of Poor Listening
People know when you are paying attention
The Power of Honesty
Four ways to build morale while you downsize