Improving client outcomes is the number one objective for Victory Consulting. Our ability to define improvement, in our client's language, varies greatly for each consulting engagement.

"The value of the High Performance Teamwork and Motivation program Victory Consulting provided was extraordinary. We have seen breakthroughs with several individuals, including myself [that] helped us motivate performance and create organizational standards that have become a fixture in our culture."
Todd Lillibridge
Chairman & CEO
Lillibridge Healthcare
"Victory Consulting imparted tremendous (and sustainable) leadership strategies that have had a positive impact on our culture years afterward."
Mary Lou Panzano
Director of Communications
"Victory Consulting has provided the people in our company with motivational, management, and leadership insights for the past 13 years. The training and coaching they provide is engaging and offers practical advice for building the relationships we need to be successful."
Peter Davoren
President and CEO
Turner Construction
"The energy, humor and insight of your keynote presentation was exactly what we needed for our annual manager's conference."
Fred Williams
Senior District Service Manager
General Motors
"We've partnered with leadership facilitators from Victory Consulting many times for our executive meetings. They bring an outside perspective with fresh insights and tools. They are also highly effective in getting our top managers to speak candidly about their own personal growth areas, which is integral to our strategic plan."
John Robak
Chief Operating Officer
Greeley and Hansen
"Many people who think they need coaching the least, end up making the most profound changes. I was one of them!"
Joe Kurzydym
Chief Financial Officer
Lillibridge Healthcare
"This entire executive presentation skills program was fantastic and outstanding resources were provided to us, allowing us to successfully present in many important forums. Victory Consulting was the best."
Tommy Fraser
Project Engineer
Orange County, CA
"The use of video was highly effective, the feedback was constructive and insightful and I now realize how important presenting is in all facets of my career. All areas of this program were an A+++."
Scott Tompkins
Project Manager
Milford, CT
"I will now train our office staff more effectively and with a higher confidence level. I can honestly say I gained more from this course than any I've ever taken."
Julie Henderson
Human Resources Manager
Dallas, TX
"I learned some great ways to include audience members and increase the level of participation. This will be very helpful for future training seminars."
Derek Brown
Construction Executive
Annandale, VA
"This program was excellent. The skills I received will be invaluable in future training as well as day to day interaction on my project."
Stephen P. Ruane
Project Manager
Columbus, OH